Unique Acrylic Short Nail Designs

Felicia BootheFebruary 7, 2016
short acrylic nails designs
22 images
Short nail is also possible to have nail design, as it is shown in acrylic short nail designs. Nail art does not only belong to women who have long nail, short nail is also possible to have such design. In short nail, you will indeed have smaller space. It is actually the challenge. You need […]

The Cool Acrylic Nail Designs for Young Girls

Felicia BootheFebruary 6, 2016
acrylic nail designs
18 images
The cool acrylic nail designs are made for making the nails look so beautiful. If you have the usual shape of the nails, there will not be the great thing in your hands. So, we come here to make you know that the application of the nail art will make you look so great. So, […]

How to Choose Super Cute Nail Designs for School

Felicia BootheFebruary 6, 2016
super nail
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Girls will do anything to make their appearance looks stunning even if it is only going to a school. Not only from their outfit, but girls will also think about their body including nails. Even though some people think that it is not appropriate to wear polished nails to school, by choosing right designs girls […]

The French Tip Nail Art Designs

Felicia BootheFebruary 5, 2016
french tip nail designs
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The French tip nail art designs can be made in 3D look. It may be something strange for you. But if you are looking the collection of the art nails in the galleries, you will find this unique design of the nail art. You may apply this unique art nail if you like it. But […]